Quick Facts

  • Original Well Production – 230 GPM @ 400’ of TDH
  • Before Water Well Rehabilitation Using Redi Clean Chemicals – 80 GPM
  • After Water Well Rehabilitation Using Redi Clean Chemicals – 243 GPM @ 349’ of TDH

Water Well Rehabilitation Case Study # 139
Kettleman City Community Service District Maud Street Well

  • Well rehabilitated May 2012 12”
  • Well 570’
  • 8” inner casing 545’
  • Pump set 440’

This well is unique in the fact that it is only 9 years old. From the date of construction this well produced heavy amounts of sand. Therefore the engineer on record redesigned the well and installed an 8” inner casing, see the drawing below.

This well has lost production steadily for several years. During the first week of May 2012 this well drew down to the point of surging. Prior to the extreme drawdown the well was producing 80GPM. Designed production was 230 GPM.

Well video was taken along with a water sample and residue sample that were sent off to SDK lab and CTI. The results of the tests showed heavy Iron Bacteria fouling of the gravel pack and perforations.

Valley Pump performed a complete water well rehabilitationusing Redi Clean chemicals as directed by Don Teeters via a written recommendation detailing the complete procedure.

After completing the rehabilitation a new pump bowl was installed. The bowl was designed for 230 GPM @ 400’ of TDH. After the pump plant station went back on line it is now producing 243 GPM @ 349’ TDH.